Crystal Clear Gita


Crystal Clear Gita

Since time immemorial, the human population has been following Gita without their knowledge across the Globe.

This is the latest wonder.

Gita practices is being continued as easily as respiration.

Gita underlines the code of conduct (moral behavior) for people to lead happy and peaceful lives.

Stages in Human Evolution

The following are the stages of human evolution

Stage-wise human evolution:

Dryopithecus (The name "Dryopithecus" comes from Greek roots meaning "oak ape" or "wood ape," reflecting its likely habitat in forests.) :-

These are deemed to be the ancestors of both man and apes. They lived in China, Africa, Europe and India. The genus Dryopithecus refers to the oak wood apes. When Dryopithecus was alive, the tropical lowlands which it inhabited were densely forested, so the members could have predominantly been herbivores.

Ramapithecus (The name "Ramapithecus" comes from the region

where its fossils were first discovered, the Ramapithecus Hills in northern India.)

Their first remains were discovered from the Shivalik range in Punjab and later in Africa and Saudi Arabia. They lived in open grasslands. Two pieces of evidence confirm their Hominid status:

Thickened tooth enamel, robust jaws and shorter canines.

Usage of hands for food and defence and extrapolations of upright posture.